work on the new concept of ASICS 2011 a list of shoes, is mainly designed to added protect the foot rigorous and diversity of bone tissues, joints, and tendons of treatments, so the special important knees in order to protect the human paw 33 for 33 material main products design notion, 33 training shoes show, also contains introductory paragraph Radical 33, suitable for short separate runners of the VOLT, the sleek and stylish LYTE 33, 33 complete shell performance of the BLUR 3 2.0, and belongs to 33 series in the the top of shoe CIRRUS 33 and NEO Thirty-three. (photo: RUNiROUND) of the tested boots for 33 series of Pastes - NEO style, collocation foot and so heel in the GEL - - NEO in T - Base, have run in the starting as the foot to the torsion fine evening through low hardness and regular EVA different elastic double material collocation gives more apparent consommation cushioning effect, and the info ankle also carry PHF foam, raise calcaneal comfort and cladding. And GEL - NEO has bottom collocation ASICS practical GUIDANCE trajectory guide Carefully thread system, in the past as long as you will find with the GUIDANCE LINE trajectory Info system running shoes, runners is clearly felt when jogging internal rotation is not so noticable, at the same time the pace to guiding sense and maintain the steadiness of the feet to the ground consequences is good. GEL - NEO Thirty three vamp use multilayer three-dimensional net cloth clothing to strengthen the permeability, to try to promote the efficiency having to do with heat dissipation perspiration, the overall innovation for runners comprehensive exposure, but relatively GEL . . . 33 in the weight NEO performance is relatively less competitory advantage. nike free run (photo: RUNiROUND) GEL ( space ) NEO 33 compared with other courses function of ASICS shoes, the sole height is decreased obviously, end of it of the divided we can apparently see a transparent material film of Arthur rubber shock retention material, GEL - NEO Thirty-three on colorific collocation also took significantly more bright color is tie-in, along with the tested shoe money, can be give priority to color to represent the white of courage, break all the ASICS running shoes appearance more traditional and low-key. Tested runners donned GEL - NEO can feel allocated evenly over 33 little legs covered everywhere, let the paw has a better coating sex brings sense of security, furthermore , won't because of excessive insured let the runner's foot feel chained discomfort; Carrying on the inside of all ankle PHF memory foam, give fully play to the due feature in PU runways and asphalt test, can sound like the excellent stability, all together, the sole of his ankle landing can clearly have the GEL - NEO 33 fascinating shocks with Arthur glue, the effect together with road sense a N, but also effectively reduce toes springback excessive internal rotation problem, may want to effectively reduce the ankle towards opportunity. (photo: RUNiROUND) when tried run downhill on moreover testing, due to the GEL 4 . NEO 33 on the weight is just not advantage, coupled with Arthur glue productively absorb shock leads to cheaper resilience, switching frequency in pile road, runners obviously come to feel runner shoes weight a lot difficult to speed up the speed, not with the help of a chief back stretch to achieve capability saving effect; Downhill the moment runners also because heaviness relationship between GEL Including NEO33 acceleration slightly insufficient, regrettably Arthur glue special cushion can let the runner with the most trouble-free and stable pace by way of downhill, downhill to the arm bigger impact to a the minimum. (photo: RUNiROUND) as a whole, ASICS GEL ~ NEO 33 provides comfort on top of that protective, very suitable for free fitness for purpose, perhaps foot injuries have been achieved itself running friend, Teeth whitening gel - 33 in the NEO XiaPoChu acceleration slightly insufficient, but RUNiROUND running shoes laboratory run alpine training on first impact friends, can choose GEL Lectronic NEO 33 to downhill mainly trained on special shoes, in response to downhill reach training may cause injuries. For you personally a beginning in outdoor patio ascent to run training runners, ASICS Paste - NEO 33 powerful maintain vibration to guard the public 33 joints in the elegant legs, is absolutely with runners when it comes to severe downhill specially well-trained on the best choice. 

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Zhu Yanxi by adjusting the national squad, Beijing team boss be sure he understands kind of problem, to withstand problems. Liaoning media have backed Mister. That he cut Mr. Explanation "confusing and contradictory". Since the Chinese to locate basketball team after assembling, two layoffs are a lot of notice. However, from the perspective of Asian basketball, it seems that more consideration should be paid to focus those players leave, especially teenager zhelin wang stay - fantastic zhelin wang now has quickly become a Chinese basketball a savior. nike air max 90 Inside the men's basketball team broken shortly before the warm-up match, zhelin wang's functionality is very good, especially with the United States all-star activity 3, zhelin wang contributed 13 elements and 10 rebounds. "Zhelin wang is incredibly young, his lower divisions strength is very strong, young drivers . has a high intellect, the contest with his age and size, may not very coordinated, nevertheless his footwork a lot better than the peers." The all-star coach zhelin wang jia depot, such evaluation. Men and women men's basketball team teacher he is praised zhelin wang, said "the desolate man zhelin wang." An 18-year-old teenager, and so interesting, and the current situation involving Chinese men's basketball crew has a lot to do, I'm concerned. After the Beijing Olympic Games, yao slowly fade out and eventually retired country wide team, the Chinese men's tennis team has been struggling. Tianjin Hard anodized cookware championship, the Chinese men's basketball team lost at home, not simply accept the "smile" is wrecked the healthy image of the Chinese men's basketball team. Just after he entered the Chinese gents basketball team, 16 of the universe into, the guangzhou Asian games, Asian championship in wuhan by way of London, although from the outcome that have accomplished the task, but who knows, the present situation within the Chinese men's basketball crew didn't get the fundamental change, according to the management center is liable for team work, deputy director of hu's terms: "without yao, the Chinese men's basketball group is the world's third score level." Zhelin wang was born, however, seems to let people see individuals men's basketball team to return to the possibility of the world strong coaches and teams. "If all goes well, the particular zhelin wang will be the next to enter Far east players in the NBA.In . Former national basketball zhang yunong informs a reporter, "although zhelin wang some features needs to be improved, such as defense and rebounding, but strength is actually his biggest strength." Coached zhelin wang fan also at the time told reporters: "in their associates, as the center, zhelin wang is the best, he is very good physical condition and attention." From the current over the whole process of zhelin wang cap sometimes appears, zhelin wang has been as a Chinese basketball game a savior. On Mar 15, management center announced in preparation for the national squad list, the London Olympic Games have never participated in CBA game 1 of the inclusion of zhelin wang, cause a large amount of attention. After that, the zhelin wang as being the only Asian player to take part in international basketball camp out. Because in training go camping, the name of zhelin wang soon fire throughout the great river north and south, many media called him this "next yao", hu called for "cool," implored the marketing don't PengSha zhelin wang. But, in fact, how many times are management center is not going to want zhelin wang to become the next yao Ming, all things considered, you is not difficult to find together with zhelin wang from the history of Chinese golf ball now growing up a similar flight. In 1993, the age of Of sixteen, wang zhizhi to be included in the national children's team. 1 years later, wang zhizhi was transferred to the national staff, and participated in the Smyrna Olympic Games. Another Chinese baseball icon yao Ming, is less than 15 years old were Wang Fei elected to the national team. In the past a decade or so, because of yao's emergence, chinese people basketball to have actual durability against the world's top clubs. Timberland roll top Now, the indications are generally that zhelin wang listed in the last 15 people, with the team the possibility of the Olympic Games in London is extremely big. Three warm-up games, zhelin wang have got to play, and don't play time is short. , by contrast, in the facility position of the rivals, su wei, clear away injured both zhao-xu zhang and Han Dejun for playing time and presence, as zhelin wang. And from the analysis within the Chinese men's basketball squad personnel structure, wang zhizhi, yi jianlian, wang, sf, sun yue and liu wei to one of the core revolving player, not a big surprise, will be in the competition of the Olympics in London. That is to say, the current ZhaiXiaoChuan, pg, zhelin wang, Han Dejun in addition to jaco players, are actually competing with the remaining two or three seats into your carry-on to London. "From the encouraging future zhelin wang is one of the best younger players, this is also the most most likely root causes him for you to London." Said zhang yunong assessment. air max 90 pas cherchaussure running

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